撲克●十點半 1.8.8 APK


撲克●十點半 1.8.8 APK

Game 撲克●十點半 1.8.8 APK là dòng game Card

Giới thiệu 撲克●十點半 1.8.8 APK

【撲克●十點半】 is the poker game that the sum of poker points can not more than 10.5 points,
and the sum can not be less than the sum of the dealer,
in this way, you’ll be a winner.

Feature of the game :
- You can create poker picture by yourself.
- There are twenty one card pictures, fourteen card styles, six number types, four click animations, five throw card animations.
- You can mix the card pictures, styles, number types, animations, and background.
- You can use points to unlock more card pictures, styles.
- Click the player to define player’s name and photo.
● Fix some bugs.

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