Arcade Fishing-2020 Upgrade Ocean Fishing Game 8.0 APK


Arcade Fishing-2020 Upgrade Ocean Fishing Game 8.0 APK

Game Arcade Fishing-2020 Upgrade Ocean Fishing Game 8.0 APK là dòng game Arcade

Giới thiệu Arcade Fishing-2020 Upgrade Ocean Fishing Game 8.0 APK

Arcade Fishing is a classic play-resistant fishing game developed for Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan, Chinese, Southeast Asia and many countries in the world.
In 2020 you are a fishing man! Come and challenge together! When the narrow road meets, the artillery will win!
[Game Features]1. 2020 multiplayer battle arcade fishing game! Super cool and super exciting! Thousands of guns! Gorgeous VIP venue, entertainment without limits.
2. Really restore romantic fishing, beautiful pictures, real funny dubbing enhances fun.
3. A network of playing, big three yuan, big four hi, similar bombs, full-screen bombs, energy cannons and other classic gameplay.
4. Massive gold coins are delivered, skill packages are delivered non-stop, and you can receive free gold coins and mysterious skills packages every day, so that you can experience the happiness brought by fishing for free!
5. The turret is constantly upgraded, and there are super cannons. Click on the horse to become a local tyrant!
6. Challenge Boss, upgrade your super weapon, use the unique cheats to battle with Boss in the end!
7. King of Athletics, participate in the online fishing competition! Experience the thrill of racing!
8. Freeze, lock BOSS, diverse skills, rich gameplay, and more mysterious treasure boxes waiting for you to grab!
【Contact US】
🎁 Recharge exception handling, game release, please contact FB homepage:
💖 We will review and answer your questions in time.
[Software Commitment]※ This software is classified into the tutoring level 12+ according to the game software hierarchical management method, and the game is targeted by adults.
※ Pay attention to the use of time, avoid indulging in the game.
※The game does not provide “cash trading gambling” and there is no chance to win cash.
1. Solve the game CRASH caused by R exchange;
2. Increase daily free gold coins;
3. Increase free gold coins for daily tasks;
4. Known bug fixes;

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