Belot APK


Belot APK

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Giới thiệu Belot APK

Bridge-Belot with Bulgarian rules!

♣ Play against computer players (AI)
♣ Natural and simple gameplay
♣ Different game rules options
♣ Optimized for standard and high resolution smartphones

Belot is the name of a French trick-taking card game very popular in Bulgaria, in some parts of Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Macedonia (Especially Bitola), and in Saudi Arabia. It is also very popular in Armenia and extensively played by the Armenian Diaspora, in former USSR area (Russia, Ukraine, Republic of Moldova) and by Jewish communities worldwide.

In this game you are playing with three computer players (AI). You play South, your partner is North and the opponents are East and West. The names of the players can be configured inside the game.

If you want to help us improve the game, please send us scenarios that are wrongfully played by the computer players, or just write us any ideas for improvements that you may have!

Write us for recommendations, questions and errors at [email protected]
Version 1.12.0
✓ Multiple improvements related to computer players (AI)
✓ New experimental option to decrease rivals chance for combinations (Settings)

Version 1.11.5
✓ Bug fixes

Version 1.11.0
✓ Last player calls
✓ Mauritanian announcements
✓ AI improvements for No Trump

Thank you for playing! If you have issues with the game, please write us at [email protected]

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