Bhabi Thulla (GetAway) offline Cards Game 2020 2.0.1 APK


Bhabi Thulla (GetAway) offline Cards Game 2020 2.0.1 APK

Game Bhabi Thulla (GetAway) offline Cards Game 2020 2.0.1 APK là dòng game Card

Giới thiệu Bhabi Thulla (GetAway) offline Cards Game 2020 2.0.1 APK

Bhabhi Thulla Will Rack Your Minds. Can you Beat This Bhabhi ?

Bhabhi Thulla – Get Away is a Best cards Game of cards lover. Bhabhi is an addictive game. Bhabhi Thulla is mostly played in Pakistan, India, Bangladesh, England and United States of America etc. Mostly This card game called as Bhabhi , Bhabhi Thulla , Bhabho, Paabi Thulla , Laad , While in Some Places this cards game is known as GET AWAY.
☆This Bhabhi thulla offline cards game is a complete game it will surely make you addictive because of its Challenging Ai (Bots).
☆The major aim in Bhabhi Thulla is to Get Away by playing all own cards. And the Looser will be the one who will fail to Get Away from own cards and remain holding cards and he will be Bhabhi.

MODES Of Bhabhi Thulla Card Game
☆ QUICK PLAY Bhabhi Thulla
☆ PRIVATE TABLE in Bhabhi Thulla
☆ MINI GAME- HI – LO Game besides Bhabhi Thulla

Rules Of Bhabhi Thulla – Get Away Cards Game

☆ Bhabhi Thulla begins with the player who has the Ace of Spades who must throw that card.
☆ Then Bhabhi Thulla game continues clockwise with each player throwing a card of the same suit. Once everyone has thrown their card the round is complete and all played cards are thrown into the discard pile of Bhabhi.
☆The next round starts with the player who threw the highest card in the previous round.
☆ Cards ranked from highest to lowest as A K Q J 10,9,8,7,6,5,4,3,2. Player can throw any card from their hand in Bhabhi Thulla.
☆If a player doesn’t have any cards of the current suit then they are free to throw any other card from their hand. This card is called Thulla and results in the round of bhabhi thulla ending immediately.
☆Whoever threw the largest card of the current round of Bhabhi Thulla must pick up all cards that had been played in that round and this player then starts the next round.
☆Play continues until there is only one player Left with cards in Bhabhi Thulla. That player is the Bhabhi.

Special Conditions in Bhabhi Thulla cards game

☆A player may choose to take other player’s cards during Bhabhi Thulla game.
☆During Bhabhi Thulla game If player finishes his cards but threw the highest card in the previous set, he must either select a card from another person or pick up a card from the pile of discarded cards.

Bhabhi Thulla cards game Features
☆ Bhabhi Thulla card game has Different Tables

Select any game mode from Bhabhi Thulla cards game and desired bet value and desired table of your choice.

☆Coins Get Away From Bhabhi Thulla
You will get Free Chips Continuously while playing the Bhabhi Thulla cards game.

☆Daily Rewards in Bhabhi Thulla
Come back every day and get Free Chips as Daily Bonus in this Bhabhi Thulla card game.

☆REWARDED Chips of Bhabhi Thulla
You can also get Free Chips by watching Rewarded Video in Bhabhi Thulla.

☆Free SPIN
You can win chips with daily spin in Bhabhi Thulla game.

☆No Internet Connection Required To Play Bhabhi Thulla cards game
For playing Bhabhi Thulla you do not required Internet connection as you are playing with Computer Players (Bot)

Awesome Features for this Best Bhabhi Thulla – GetAway Cards game

✔ Challenging Artificial Intelligence of Bhabhi.

✔ Select Room of particular bet amount, game mode and number of players in Bhabhi Thulla.
✔ Game settings includes in Bhabhi Thulla
i) Avatar in Bhabhi
ii) Sounds of Bhabhi
iii) vibration in Bhabhi
✔ Edit profile
✔ Different Tables
✔ Daily Bonus of Bhabhi Thulla
✔ Much more

Bhabhi Thulla cards game and its variants are popular in many countries including Pakistan, india , Bangladesh and U.S under various names.
Just launch this Bhabhi Thulla card game, This time Bhabhi Thulla will rack your brains and win.
You are going to play most popular cards game named as Bhabhi Thulla .
Have fun with Advanced Bhabhi Thulla cards game.
Bhabhi Thulla is Fun game and is free to download. Hope you all would like it! Let us know your feedback.
Icon Updated
Minor Bugs Fixed
AI Bots Improved

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