Capsa Susun Nesia 2.3.9 APK


Capsa Susun Nesia 2.3.9 APK

Game Capsa Susun Nesia 2.3.9 APK là dòng game Card

Giới thiệu Capsa Susun Nesia 2.3.9 APK

Capsa Susun is now available on your smart device!
Capsa Susun/Chinese Poker is popular in various countries as a strategy card game. Make sure you are well aware of the poker cards combinations value or you can get a ‘wrong arrangement’.
Download it for free now! Enjoy exciting card games with your friends.

★General Rules
-Number of players 2-4 people
-Using a standard 52-card deck.
-Each player is dealing with 13 cards to be arranged into 3 combinations (5-5-3).
-The bottom card must be higher than the middle card, and the middle card must be higher than the top card, if wrong arrangement will be considered automatically lost.
-Ace is the biggest card and 2 is the smallest card.
-Special Card: Dragon, Royal Flush, Straight Flush, Four of a Kind, Full House, Flush, Straight, etc.
★Main features
-Claim daily free chips easily
-Real-time and multiplayer for anywhere at any time
-Chatting with fellow players and send expressive emoticons to your friends
– Simple UI and navigation interaction
– Safebox to store your chips
-Supports Indonesian and English
★Special Features
– Newest Minigame
-Bonus chips and other prizes at special events
-East in-App purchase options
-Benefits and exclusive services of VIP members

Email CS: [email protected]
– Lobby design update
– VIP label design update
– Animations added
– Bugs fixed
– Better gaming experience
– other minor updates

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