Card Warrior: Deck Building RPG 1.267.P APK


Card Warrior: Deck Building RPG 1.267.P APK

Game Card Warrior: Deck Building RPG 1.267.P APK là dòng game Card

Giới thiệu Card Warrior: Deck Building RPG 1.267.P APK

[Game description]

The monster that occupied the human forest! The forest becomes a cursed forest that humans cannot access. In a place where there is no light now, an unknown warrior embarks on a great journey to reclaim the forest.

Card Warrior has to fight a group of monsters using a limited number of cards. Use a small number of cards effectively to get rid of the last boss of the group and achieve the victory conditions for each stage to achieve a perfect victory.

As perfect victories accumulate, you will remove the dark shadows of the forest.
Release the curse of the forest.

[Game function]

-Easy rules that anyone can play!
-Dozens of new monsters appearing in each chapter!
-Monsters will attack your cards in various ways.
-Skill cards you get every time you clear a stage!
-Create your own card deck with skill cards with various characteristics.
-You can unfold your own strategic play.


-There are partially paid content and advertisements.

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Add shop item-You can buy gems with coins

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