Chinese Chess 1.2 APK


Chinese Chess 1.2 APK

Game Chinese Chess 1.2 APK là dòng game Board

Giới thiệu Chinese Chess 1.2 APK

Chinese Chess is a great game to exercise your brain.

How to Play:
1. Select one piece by clicking the location.
2. Select the destination by clicking the empty place or an opponent piece.

1. Two players can be either human or computer.
2. Three different skills: iEasy, iNormal, iHard are provided.
3. Undo and Redo for previous moves are supported.
4. Threefold repetition rule is supported.
5. A game with 100 plays and no capture is a draw.
6. A game without attacking pieces is a draw.

Please do your best to win!
Initial Release: Chinese Chess is a great game to play.

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