Cowboy Solitaire K 1.1.37 APK


Cowboy Solitaire K 1.1.37 APK

Game Cowboy Solitaire K 1.1.37 APK là dòng game Card

Giới thiệu Cowboy Solitaire K 1.1.37 APK

Cowboy Solitaire K is known as the pyramid on the desktop system. You simply make combinations that add up to 13 to remove cards from the board. When you remove all cards from the pyramid you win. Beyond the classic way of playing solitaire, there are some new features, like totally new solitaire tower. Kings have a value of 13 on their own and are the only card that can be removed individually. That’s why we call this game Pyramid Solitaire K. Queens have a value of 12, Jacks are valued of 11.

Game Features:
– Undo support
– 3D cards and Effect
– Lovely music
– No time limit
– Step-by-step tutorial

Download Pyramid Solitaire K right now, you will love it!

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