Fish+: Green Turtle – Fish shooting, Fish hunters! 1.0056 APK


Fish+: Green Turtle – Fish shooting, Fish hunters! 1.0056 APK

Game Fish+: Green Turtle – Fish shooting, Fish hunters! 1.0056 APK là dòng game Casual

Giới thiệu Fish+: Green Turtle – Fish shooting, Fish hunters! 1.0056 APK

“Fish shoot+: Green Turtle” is a genuine fish shooting game with copyright, registration number: 2547/2019/QTG, license 1354/QD-BTTTT. Feel free to play, it is legit and free 100%.

“Fish shoot+: Green Turtle” (or Fish+) allows you to play online fishing. Fish+ has more than 30 types of Fish such as Golden Dragon Fish, Mermaid, Golden fish, Shark, Green Turtle, Carp, BOSS Fish, Octopus … with beautiful, real 3D fish shooting effects that supermarket fish shooting machines can not compare with. If you are a fan of the arcade game then Fish Shoot+ is one of the healthiest, the best game in this category. In particular, you can only find in Fish Shoot+: Green Turtle:
– “Tân Thủ” gifts, surprise gifts for the day
– Get to VIP rank to receive “XU”, show your class
– “Gourd-Crab-Shrimp-Fish”, Log-in to receive in-game “XU”, “DIAMOND” for free
– Turtle-Shrimp challenges your luck
– Many great gifts from new events
– Chat with funny emoticons to make friends, “teasing” player anytime anywhere
– Protect your account and data via Facebook, Google sign-in and you can opt-out anytime
– Fish+ Fanpage admins are friendly and always already to help
– You will get a HUGE BONUS when caught GREEN TURTLE if luckily
– High-quality animations and big win combos trigger when catching fish will satisfy you when playing the game
– 10 super beautiful 3D fish guns are given by Fish+ when you top-up
– Fish+ also rewards the title of VIP, SVIP, DRAGON for your recharge level
– If lucky, you can win the Jackpot when caught the Golden Fish
– You also get PRO or S.PRO titles if play for free
– There are more than 10 types of Boss in the game to try your luck
– Especially, you can use the “Lock-Fish” skill to aim your target fish. It is really useful when hunting golden bosses
– Besides this, there are four SPECIAL SKILLS as FIRESTORM, DRILL, LASER, and BOMB that can help you catch almost the fish that are available on your screen
– Lucky spin: easy to play, easy to get the big win just tap and relax
– VIP CLUB system helps you equip WINGS and buy SUPER YACHT to increase gold drop rate that other ocean fishing brands do not have.
– 3 cool mini-games with “Gourd-Crab-Shrimp-Fish”, Turtle Shrimp, and Wheel that can help you win the Diamond, Gold … to upgrade your equipment.
– Jackpot BOSS – “Golden Armor Fire Dragon” appears every hour of the club. Do not waste your chances.
– And variety of Boss such as Kraken Octopus, Megalodon Shark, Stormy Turtle, Bomb Snail, Lazer Crap …
– Fish+ is super light, does not jerk lag or disconnect affecting the result when catching, fishing, Boss hunting, or PVP with other players.
– Feel free to contact the admin at !Please do not contact at the zingplay game portal!
Fish shoot+ is one of Fish hunters’ favorite online shooting communities. Simple to play, vertical screen like ica, AUTO-fishing (free fire) feature helps you free hands to chat, make friends a lot easier than the games of the same type or arcade machines today, which only focus on playing and charging very stressful play
★ In addition, community features include:
– Please download the game for free, receive 1,000 gold immediately to experience the fish hunting right away
– Fish+ connect with: Google, Facebook … Except for zingplay game portal
– More than 500 Fish+ brothers always welcome you, don’t wait let’s play! now!

– Fish+ is not a gambling game. Not creating the opportunity to win real money and not a game to exchange cards or scratch cards like other fish shooting games. Fish+ is an arcade game that does not allow to change gold into money in any form. Please do not ask!
– Fish+ is not related to ica and does not support log-in via zingplay game portal of vng. Admin will only support for Google payment channel.
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