Fish Hunter(獵魚高手) APK


Fish Hunter(獵魚高手) APK

Game Fish Hunter(獵魚高手) APK là dòng game Casual

Giới thiệu Fish Hunter(獵魚高手) APK

[This fishing game is really a lot of gold] [More fishing games are played with more gifts]1. Massive gold coins can be collected for free, and millions of benefits can be sent continuously!
2. New gameplay for fish hunting masters, higher magnification, more BOSS!
3. Multiplayer online fishing, real networking, ten thousand people online!
4. Diverse skills, rich gameplay, and arcade fishing online!

Game features
1. Have you ever found out: playing around is a fishing game by yourself, not fun at all?
Multiplayer online fishing game, enjoy the fun of real multiplayer fishing together!

2. Did you find that the fish and scenes are the same, but the interface is changed?
Cool pictures, gorgeous fish arrays, new scenes to satisfy your visual experience!

3. Have you found that fishing is just a little bit of no brain, no team fight and no passion?
The Guild Clan Arena is open, and the Undersea Tomb Ghost King BOSS is here!

4. Did you find that gold coins are always not enough? Bankruptcy always follows suit?
Since there are bonus fish and boss in the game, Mommy no longer has to worry about me not earning gold coins!

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