Gin Rummy 2.6.2 APK


Gin Rummy 2.6.2 APK

Game Gin Rummy 2.6.2 APK là dòng game Card

Giới thiệu Gin Rummy 2.6.2 APK

Gin Rummy (or simply Gin) is a classic card game for two players. The aim of the game is to score more points than your opponent. The winner of the game is the player whose score first reaches or exceeds the win target of 100 or 250.

Play campaigns against the computer player on two level modes, easy or hard. It takes real skill to beat the computer on hard mode with its perfect memory.

You can now customise your play by either playing classic gin, or the Oklahoma Gin variant! Optionally play the ‘ace must be gin’ or ‘spades double bonus’ in Oklahoma Gin mode.

You can change your scoring type too between ‘simple’ and ‘traditional’.

Gin Rummy is a simple game to learn, but it will take a while to master!

How Gin Rummy plays:

At the end of each hand, points are scored by the winner of that hand. A players wins either by knocking with gin, or by having the lower deadwood score at the point when someone knocks. Deadwood is the sum of cards not included in a meld in that player’s hand. A meld is three or more cards in a set (cards of the same kind) or run (consecutive cards of the same suit). Face cards are worth 10 points and all other cards are worth their value.
Added the option to turn off auto sorting so players can choose their own melds during play
Fixed issue with audio being lost when resuming app from background
Added button to score panel to see behind the panel to review final round scores
Improved the score panel layout

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