Lucky Coin Dozer – Free Coins 1.2.1 APK


Lucky Coin Dozer – Free Coins 1.2.1 APK

Game Lucky Coin Dozer – Free Coins 1.2.1 APK là dòng game Casino

Giới thiệu Lucky Coin Dozer – Free Coins 1.2.1 APK

Get lucky with Lucky Coin Dozer. Drop gold coins onto the pusher and doze them into a pile and over the edge to collect. Be careful not to push coins over the sides! Special coins appear and provide you with a helpful boost! Collect the prizes and puzzle pieces that spawn on the machine board to complete prize lines and unlock bonuses! Come back daily to spend your regenerated coins!

Unique game features of Lucky Coin Dozer:
✪Vibrant 3D graphics and stunning coin effects!
✪Realistic physics tha tplay like an actual casino-style coin pusher!
✪Collect prizes and puzzles to get special rewards from coin dozer.
✪Play entertaining Mini Games,including Wheel of Fortune,Daily Quests and Pop Balloons to win BIG in coin pusher!
✪Spin the fortune wheel to try out your luck for coins and dozer dollars.
✪Complete your daily quests to get shake power,coins and mystery boxes.
✪New boosts will appear each day for a limited time. Trading keys can make the boost coin appear on the dozer.

Special coins with unique abilities will spawn along the way to provide you with helpful boosts:
★ Silver Coins are similar to a standard coin however they add TWO COINS to your coin balance and an additional 2XP.
★ Dozer Dollars are the second most important game currency, and they will allow you to purchase instant boosts, keys and collect extra prizes.
★ Shakes are special boost effects to help you. Shake the pusher for those extra coins without worrying about the tilt!
★ Coin Walls protect items on board from falling down on both sides on coin pusher.
★ Coin Shower will trigger the coin rain bonus with massive coin drop.
★ Giant Coin drop to splash everything on board, It falls from the sky like a meteor making the platform shake after a powerful hit and pushing, even more coins over the front edge.
★ XP Coin adds Experience Points to your XP balance shown on the blue progress meter at the top of the screen.

Play real casino game with Lucky Coin Dozer Fans around the world. Download and experience the thrilling coin dozer game. Make coin rain, activate coin walls, shake the board and collect prizes. Meet any problem please contact us: [email protected]
Thanks for playing Lucky Coin Dozer !
In this version, we improve UI design and fix some bugs.
Download our new version today !

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