Orijinz 1.0.3 APK


Orijinz 1.0.3 APK

Game Orijinz 1.0.3 APK là dòng game Card

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Ever wonder why we’re not just happy, we’re happy as a clam? We call something jumbo, instead of just big? We don’t just talk, we chew the fat? Orijinz is the original word and phrase card game, now available on Android for the first time!

Have a blast with the word and phrase origins game that has gotten kudos from the New York Times and People Magazine. It’s simple! Read the origin and try to guess the matching word or phrase. Play on your own or with friends and family! And now with the Android version it is even easier to play Orijinz wherever you go!

Learning to play is a snap — only a few minutes! And, in case you’re worried, you don’t need to be a word nerd or a history buff to play, win and have a blast. One customer called Orijinz “the best thinking game for adults in a long time.” It is a great family game too (teens and above) winning a Parent’s Choice Approved Award.

Another customer called it a “wonderful game! Kept the family engaged and “howling” for hours!” There are three editions, each with 150 cards, for loads of fun and games. And you get 15 cards for free to try out the fun and fascinating word and phrase origins game.

Quiz yourself when you want a challenge or play with family and friends on car trips, during or after dinner, at the kitchen counter or have a game night! You too can join the tens of thousands of Orijinz players from around the world that have a ball with the game that is a cut above and the pick of the litter — Orijinz!
– Fixed a free card’s origin.
– Some bug fixes.
– Happy Holidays!

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