Panda Solitaire 1.0.30 APK


Panda Solitaire 1.0.30 APK

Game Panda Solitaire 1.0.30 APK là dòng game Card

Giới thiệu Panda Solitaire 1.0.30 APK

Panda Solitaire is based on TriPeaks which is one of the most popular single-player card games, invented in the 90s! We have worked hard to create one of the most enjoyable and visually pleasing Panda Solitaire card games, specially developed for Phone. You should collect the gold card, to do this there are some cards on the board, try to clear them from the pyramid tower.This game is from the Classic Tri-Peaks Solitaire you’re used to from other platforms.

♣ 3D mahjong style card!
♣ No time pressure, score is unaffected by how long it takes to solve the board
♣ Keys and locks
♣ Bonus wild card
♣ Lucky cards to Enjoy.
♣ Sound effects
♣ Tap on the card on the board, and it will fly to the stock if it’s a valid move
♣ Share your score via e-mail, facebook, twitter or any other option

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