Silver 2.2.1 APK


Silver 2.2.1 APK

Game Silver 2.2.1 APK là dòng game Card

Giới thiệu Silver 2.2.1 APK

The Silver app lets you play 2 player games of Silver and Silver Bullet (the card games from Bezier Games, Inc.) against a computer AI. Learn the ins and outs of the game, and practice before taking on your friends!

Your goal in Silver is simple: have the lowest sum by the end of four rounds. To accomplish this, use abilities from the cards you draw, and from cards that are already face up in your village, which consists of five cards. You can trade in matching cards, and also trade out your cards for ones you draw to make matches or to lower your score. End a round early if you think you have the lowest sum by calling for a vote; if you’re right, you score 0 points, and get to use the Silver Amulet of Protection or the Silver Bullet the next round. If you’re wrong, though you get the sum of your cards plus ten points!

The app walks you through the game, and the comprehensive Help screen gives you all the details you need to be able to play. While you’re playing, view detailed card abilities just by tapping and holding on them.
Various bug fixes.

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