Solitaires & card games 1.11 APK


Solitaires & card games 1.11 APK

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Giới thiệu Solitaires & card games 1.11 APK

This is a neat & nice collection of popular card games in which we paid a lot of time to design, gameplay and important details to bring you the greatest card game experience. This game is ideal to spend a few minutes while waiting for a bus or train, when travelling or during any time you want.

The card games in this collection are selected in the way to satisfy the tastes of men and women. Some games are quick to play and some are designed to be played as tournaments with several rounds and require a game strategy to be developed if you wish to win. We hope you will find our games exciting.


– The Solitaire
– The Spider
– FreeCell
– Yukon
– Pyramid
– Canfield

Card games:
– Durak
– Borax
– Hearts
– The Nine
– ’21’
– The Well

Key features:
→ 12 games: six solitaires and six card games.
→ Solitaires are designed in the spirit of XVIII century with real kings’ and queens’ portraits on the cards. Other card games are made in the ‘pirate’ style.
→ Important game features that bring a virtual game closer to real card gaming feelings (ex: card combinations, turn drawing, penalty for “cheating”, etc.).
→ Two versions in one: for a phone, for a pad. Be SURE to try the tablet version with the full size cards!
→ You shall place a bid to play with pirates. Compete to win the prize. Bids for short-time games are small. Rates for long tournaments are higher.
→ Various game beginning options: 36 or 52-card deck, 2-4 players, various card colours.
→ The possibility of undoing moves in solitaires.

** Don’t forget to agree to receive game notifications – this will allow us to offer you a special game bonuses from time to time.
** Don’t forget to try our wonderfully done tablet version with full-size cards. The template is built in the game and can be reached via settings menu during the game.
Thanks for your feedback. It helps us develop new game features. In the new version we’ve fixed some bugs and made various feature improvements.

Please note if cards seem to be small or illegible during the game, follow these steps: open the menu during any game and go to ‘settings’. Click on the icon to change the template from pad to phone. Restart the game. To revert back repeat the steps.

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