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Tu Sac Free 1.85 APKTu Sac Free 1.85 APKTu Sac Free 1.85 APKTu Sac Free 1.85 APKTu Sac Free 1.85 APK

Giới thiệu Tu Sac Free

Four color-cards – Tu Sac – free is one of the 3 most popular Four Color Cards games – a Rummy type game with 4 players, each takes turn to complete their hands and win. The cards were printed with Chinese Chess characters in 4 colors (red, green, white and yellow.)

The rules of Tu Sac game is somewhat different than the other four color cards game: in Tu sac game, it is essential to make 2-cards meld instead of avoiding it until you have enough points, because the main goal is to win regardless of how may points you will get. Also, there are rules of how to play certain combinations or you will get penalty.

Each player will start the match with 100 points credit. After each game, the total will be check by the game and if any player’s balance is zero or less then the match is over.

You can also play a single game.

Other features:
– Auto cards sorting.
– Check players’ balance.
– Safety feature to help beginner play.
– Re-deal another hand if you don’t like the cards in your hand.
– Restart the match any time you want.
Fixed the clock.

Thông tin bổ sung

Phiên bản: 1.85
Số lượng tải: 10,000+
Đánh giá:
Vote: 24

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