Ultra Rummy – Play Online 1.52 APK


Ultra Rummy – Play Online 1.52 APK

Game Ultra Rummy – Play Online 1.52 APK là dòng game Card

Giới thiệu Ultra Rummy – Play Online 1.52 APK

Based on the popular card game rummy for 4 players. Play against the CPU in offline mode, or play against friends and others via Wi-Fi in online mode.

Gin rummy is enjoyed all over the world, particularly in India and Indonesia. In other countries it is known as Rami, Romme, Remi, Rumino or Rommy.


* 7 card gin rummy
* Joker card to let you complete a rummy hand more easily
* Play online instantly – no need to create an account to play rummy
* Set up private rummy games for your friends
* Solo rummy play against the CPU
* Simple touch screen controls, tap to pickup or discard your rummy cards
Minor update

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