Infant Bumper Slot Car Race game Toddler Kid QCat 2.4.0 IOS

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Infant Bumper Slot Car Race game Toddler Kid QCat

Infant Bumper Slot Car Race game Toddler Kid QCat

Giới thiệu Infant Bumper Slot Car Race game Toddler Kid QCat


Do you like racing games? Do you like to control the steering wheel and throttle? Do you feel depressed with traffic jam and too many cars on the road?
Download the game now, hurry to experience the thrill of driving freedom!

I guess your child always like to occupy the driver’s seat and like to control the steering wheel, right? Yes, all kids yearned for control the car! So we developed this game – bumper slot car – to satisfy kid’s desire.

This game is very simple and easy but also realistic and interesting. Don’t worry about the car out the track. Don’t worry about the car collision then game over. Don’t worry about your grade or rank. Here, how you want to drive is all allow! You can drive left or right, even in a S-zag manner. You can step on the gas and accelerate. You can bang the obstacles and the cars!
Of course, such a addictive 3D track as roller coaster and beautiful city scenery can make you enjoy yourself and want to play more!

This game combines the advantages of the bumper car and slot car, not only can enjoy the collision pleasure, but also can retain the sense of speed and smooth. And with a very simple user interface, I believe this funny, easy and exciting game will let all babies crazy for it! Try it now!

How to play:
1. Click “START” to enter the game, the main menu displays three track scene (city track, sky walk and water land), select one scene then choose a car to start the game.

2. The light bar on the left screen can adjust the car speed. The top screen appear the current cumulative score. The middle buttons can control the volume and switch perspective. And the right dashboard displays the current speed. Press the “HOME” button can return to the start page.

3. After entering the game, just tap left/right of screen to turn.

4. In the game, collide with the obstacles and the cars can get scores. You can accumulate enough points to replace a new car!

Game Features:
* Beautifully graphics and dynamic sound
* 3D realistic effects
* 3 scenes (city track, sky walk and water land)
* 8 car models (ambulance, bug, classic, interceptor, offroad, racer, towtruck and bus)
* Simple and intuitive user interface
* Supports phone and tablet
* This game is completely free, without any additional purchases

This is a free APP, which has ads in it.
We have confirmed these ads are safe and legal, and do not read any personal privacy or tracking any information.
If you do not want to see any ads, please don’t install this APP. Do not give us poor evaluation because of the advertising. Thanks!!

“Qcat APP” is a succession of applications that created for baby, toddler, preschool children and any kid. These interactive games have lot of educational value and fun. They are free(with ads) and nice for all family, the best games during parent-child time.
Welcome to download our APP, and give us some review.
Of course, if you are interested in preschool education, please feedback your opinion. That can help us to provide more better APP. Send to us:
[email protected]


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Phiên bản: 2.4.0
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Ngày cập nhật: 2015-03-27 07:04:42

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